PACKAGING, for a retail product, is of paramount importance. In todayʼs cluttered retail environment, consumers are overwhelmed with choice. For a product to have impact, its branding and graphics must be carefully crafted. 

Laurie Richardone of LR Modern Alchemy asked me to design a new identity system for her boutique line of handmade, organic body care products. Originally launched as Anita Louise, the line needed a fresh brand identity, complete with packaging and collateral that would better convey the superb quality of Laurie’s artisanal formulations.

My packaging design combines a graphic emblem inspired by Laurie’s initials with a color story that differentiates the collections within the line. The new packaging structure brings a distinctive, clean visual personality to the company, highlighting the beauty of the product line rather than overpowering it.  

LR Modern Alchemy is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Naples, Florida.