WEB DESIGN should keep users engaged and moving easily through the navigation. They should enjoy the experience and find the information they are looking for—without getting lost down rabbit holes or frustrated by slow graphics and long animations.

We are all about the www, whether we’re on our smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It’s critical that a website scale to work across platforms while maintaining an intuitive user interface.

The 19th-century architect Louis Sullivan coined the design axiom “form follows function.” He was building skyscrapers, but Web design is also a form of architecture.

I found Sullivan’s words particularly relevant when I designed the website of Catherine Eaton Skinner. Catherine is a multidisciplinary artist, incorporating painting and encaustic, sculpture, printmaking and photography. My site design reflects her aesthetic of repetition of sacred forms, reiterating both the artistic and the spiritual dissolution of the self into the whole, with striking banners and a clean grid system to display her talents. The result conveys the profound elegance of her work.

 A designer knows they have achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to take away.

—   Antoine de Saint-Exupery